About Us

Sarai Rayas Jewelry offers limited edition handmade jewelry crafted in Mexico. All pieces are versatile and unique, lovingly designed by Mexican designer, Sarai Rayas.

The brand offers delicate jewelry that can be worn as a single accent or as buildable statement pieces, day and night.

Each of our pieces is handcrafted with the finest materials such as sterling silver, gold as well as gold plating, and precious stones.

The brand was established in 2016, when the designer and founder, Sarai Rayas began creating her signature jewelry for women of all walks of life.

We also offer customized jewelry for those looking for a truly one of a kind piece. We are based in Monterrey, NL. Mexico.

Custom Gallery

Do you want a custom design? We make it happen.

We can materialize any idea or story you have imagined in a unique Jewel.

Let us know what your ideas are for a jewel you like.

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